About Jennifer Greely

Welcome! I’m Jennifer Greely and I’m excited to share the world of expensive purses with you. A handbag is far more than an accessory – it’s an expression of who you are and your unique sense of style. Luxury handbags offer the perfect way to take any outfit to the next level and it’s nice to pamper yourself with a designer bag. Once I bought my first designer handbag, I was hooked.
Before I started buying expensive purses, I used to head for the cheap handbags to save a few dollars. Unfortunately, I always ended up disappointed. Sure, I only spend $50 on the purse, but those purses barely lasted a couple months before I had to head out to buy a new handbag. Finally, I decided to invest in a designer purse. I laid down the money, while cringing, and walked away with my first Gucci bag. Two days later, I was in love with a handbag.
Yes, I made a big investment, but I still have that first Gucci handbag today. It still looks amazing and it didn’t fall apart like other handbags. Instead of buying cheap bags every month or two, I now do some research and save my money so I can invest in high-end bags. Every time I splurge on a new bag, I feel so pampered and I know I’m making a purchase that will last a lifetime.
I want to share my love for designer handbags with you. I’ve learned a lot about the top designers, the history behind the fashion houses and the most popular bags. I hope you’ll check out the site and learn more about designer bags. I’m sure you’ll start a love affair with expensive purses, just like I did.