Your Guide to Gucci Handbags

In the world of expensive purses, Gucci is a top name. Gucci bags are some of the most well-known designer handbags and the label has become popular across the world. Here’s a closer look at Gucci history, the fashion icons that made these bags a hit and some of the top Gucci bags to consider purchasing.

Gucci History

When women purchase Gucci handbags, many don’t realize that the house of Gucci actually started as a saddle business. This Italian Fashion and Leather Goods label began as a family-run, small business that made quality, leather saddles. Attention to detail, a hallmark of the brand, started with Guccio Gucci and quickly resulted in the growth of the business.
While the label was founded in 1921, the first handbag wasn’t introduced until the 1940s. During the 1920s Gucci worked on selling leather bags for horseman. He would later start selling luxury luggage, since horseless carriages soon became popular. Then, Gucci created the bamboo handle handbag in the 1940s, and it became an instant hit.

Fashion Icons Make Gucci Handbags Popular

A couple of key fashion icons helped to popularize the Gucci label. Hollywood style and fashion icon, Grace Kelly carried Gucci bags, increasing their popularity. First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, was also known for carrying the label and the signature shoulder bag she carried is still called “Jackie” by the label today. Still today, stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba carry the brand.

Top Gucci Handbags

If you want to own one of the most popular Gucci handbags, you’ll definitely want to consider the Jackie Shoulder Hobo by Gucci. This bag comes in soft leather, soft python and soft crocodile. Another popular classic is the Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote, which comes in a couple sizes and several different colors. The Gucci Swing Leather Tote is perfect for a day shopping or for going to work. For an elegant night out, the Broadway Suede Clutch with Crystal Closure is a stunning choice.